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All About BOKOB
          I am very excited to see that you have taken out the time to visit my online store. In these challenging economic times, it is often difficult to place your faith in anyone or anything. I would personally like to assure you that aside from being your merchant, you can rely on my commitment to service your needs. Let's develop an online friendship fostered by a common interest in an holistic approach to health and beauty. I am a consumer like yourself. So, I can understand the reluctance to purchase products that are normally not a part of your monthly budget. Some of my featured products are new to you. However, I do have some great health and beauty needs at affordable prices, with ADDED VALUE. Once you are a part of the BOKOB  family of customers, you can read informative content and receive newsletters absolutely FREE !!
          Enough of the sales pitch. Let me tell you a little about myself.  I was born in the summer of 1954. As a child, I grew uo in Jersey City , directly across the Hudson river from Manhattan, NYC.  My parents worked in banking and aluminum can processing; mom and dad respectively. I attended a private grammer school , and once graduated, moved  on to a christian Brothers' high school in Jersey City. This prestigious high school became my academic home until 1972, when I began to attend college. St. Peters' College was an obvious choice, since it was also located in the city by the River. That's a picture of me in 1972, just before entering college.

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          I must admit that I am a little lighter on top these days. My flowing, wavy hair has receeded  and balding has set in. Hereditary, I guess. My grandfather , who had majored in science during the 1920's had balded at an early age. Hence, here I am today striving to stimulate my own hair growth and commited to stop "blinding my friends" and family. 
          In college, I majored in Biology and became a Biology and Chemistry teacher in 1978 after unsuccessfully attempting a career in medicine. Ultrasound technology was in its' infant stages, and I had atttended a reputable school , earned a accredited certificate and had working experience in the new diagnostic field. However, the money was not to my liking since I had contemplated marriage. Moving to the academic world of teaching was a wiser choice.  
          As a teacher, I felt important as a conveyor of knowledge. This pursuit lasted two years, when I decided to enter the world of plastics. I became a quality control inspector, and eventually moved up the ladder to become a supervisor in Uniroyal Technology Corporation. Four years later in 1984, I became Quality Control manager and Shipping manager for a division of UTC known as Glasflex. I spent the next 16 years in Glasflex as a manager.
          Now, that brings us to year 2000, the new millenium. Many changes were to occur in the years to follow, including the tragedy of 9/11. My personal tragedy involved my termination as a manger in UTC. Our division was closed due to decreasing profits . Time to move on , into the food industry. 
          I worked for a local supermarket in New Jersey for the next 7 years. Actually, my association with the supermarket began in 1990. I had been working part time while being employed by Glasflex. 
          As the economy worsened, I started to think about opening my own business. My affinity with the biological sciences, had never faded away. At the same time, I became more interested in vitamins, healthy eating, healthy lifestyle decisions and the avoidance of stress. God knows the stress that I had seen in 30 years.
          Along the way, I had developed  a number of skin disorders which I had attributed to this encounter with stress. Psoriasis-like skin redness and flaking, dry hands and feet, and scalp problems plagued me for years.  I tried a number of different topical applications for the skin ailments. Some helped, others made the situation worse. Finally, I stumbled on zinc oxide cream-diaper rash cream. Continued use of this application eventually relieved my "dry" affliction.
          I continued to research skin disorders, and eventually began a regimen of daily vitamins, including zinc, to maintain skin health.  Of course, taking multi-vitamins as well as individual doses of antioxidants and minerals could only improve my overall health. I began to look more healthy. Coupled with topical face cream, sold as an anti-aging application, I began to take better care of myself.
          Did I fail to mention my children ? Yes, I guess I did. Along the way, I had two beautiful daughters from my first marriage, and had acquired two more beautiful daughters from the second time around. Being sorrounded by women, you get to know a little bit about professional beauty supplies. One of my step daughters became actively involved in Karate, for exercise and self defense. I started to become interested in Yoga and breathing exercises to lower blood pressure and relieve stress. My new wife, who I married in 1997, started looking into remedies for asthma and benefits of St. Johns' wart and black cohosh in controlling stress and promoting an overall feeling of well being. As you can see, all of the things that I have mentioned began to help me formulate an holistic perspective on living a healthy lifestyle. My wife and I also started to follow a healthy diet, avoiding fried foods,and concentrating on lowering fat and salt intake.
          Earlier , I alluded to the idea of starting my own business. All of the influences and factors sorrounding me had lead me to one conclusion: I was best suited in a home business that I knew something about.
                                                                      BOKOB BRAINSTORM

          That's when the concept of my website was born !! I wanted to come out "swingin' " with a variety of great health and beauty products. That's it,  " Knockout Beauty" sounded like the right thing !!
          Coupling an holistic approach to health and beauty, driven by the idea that beauty radiates from within; with great products seemed to be the perfect match.
          If you have not taken the time to browse my Affiliate and AffiliateS'more pages, do so now. Spend a few minutes exploring the wide variety of quality, reputable merchants  and their products. Fell free to leave comments or questions on my CONTACT US page. And, definitely SIGN IN  for FREE newsletters on my Product Review page. 
          NOW THAT YOU KNOW A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME ............
I would like to get to know a little bit ABOUT YOU !!!.  Let's forge a business relationship cloaked in the pursuit of creating and maintaining a healthy body.
                                                                                                                                             Bob .
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