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All About Banners
                                Banners are your gateway to
              our online store "aisles".
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          When you click on a banner, you are taken to the purchase page. Once there, you can purchase the item displayed, or browse other available products. You must "click" to proceed to the product "aisle". Banners are not just advertisements.
They are a functional link to your destination. You must "click "to reach the desired 
                                                    product page.

                                              IT"S REALLY THAT SIMPLE.
                    You can return to us by using the back button on your browser.

                                  Visit the following pages for more products:

                                               PRODUCT PAGE- inventory 
                              for a wide variety of health and beauty products.

                                    Don't hesitate to contact management.

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                                                     Or , maybe SEX ?
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