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          Please remember that as an Insider, you can get (5) samples per month. You can also get samples like any other customer by buying Avon Products or just requesting complimenetary samples. A (2) sample limit applys to these offers per month. (1) request per month. No shipping charge for any Insider samples unless outside of the continental USA. 
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Although other samples are available to our visitors,

Avons' Anew Face Lifting Cream

                 is only available to  Insiders.

     THERMAFIRM can make you look younger.
      Other Avon Anew products are available to
                           Mem Insiders.
  Other Avon samples are available upon request
             or from the Avon Samples page. 
  (other than Anew)
      Avons' Thermafirm cream contains collagen. Collagen is a protein. 
     Continued usage of Thermafirm cream helps to fortify damaged skin tissue.
   Combined with ultrasonic stressed yeast and hydrolyzed plant protein,
                                        visable results can be seen
                                         in as little as 4 weeks.

                Bob Ligenza is an AVON representative. 

                Anew, blue and white background,silver amd white box, packets, jars

           Cosmetics are the final touches to a stunning wardrobe.
                                Keep up with the trends.  fashion trends
                          Get more Avon samples. samples    

            Ok , here is a partial list of ebooks.
             These are the complimentary ebooks we have available listed
                                                             under "A".
                 More ebooks are available and the list is extensive.
                  If  you are interested in a different topic, contact the ebook directory.

                                                         EBOOKS "A"

                                                 (No purchase necessary.)

   NATURAL HELP FOR :                  A D D in adults
                                                       addisons disease
                                                       acute bronchitis
                                                       A D D in children
                                                       adrenal disorders
                                                       aspergers syndrome
                                                       autoimmune disease
                                                       appetite (increasing)
                          ........all avaiable (and more ) to Mem Insiders.                          

                     Visit our FREE EBOOKS page for ebooks available with purchase or
                                   just pickup a DIABETES ebook just for asking.


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