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Beauty Pics : Our pick of our pics. Learn about St. Patty's Day dinner nutrition.

  There are many types of beauty. Nature has its' own way of expressing beauty. Man made objects, paintings or pictures are another form of beauty. As we go through our lives, we experience beauty in many different ways and in many different places. This page is dedicated to the many types of beauty that sourround us.  Relax and enjoy.

                   Choose your health and beauty products wisely.
              After all, you want to be a knockout beauty. Don't You ?
These are BOKOB's Beauty Pics.

             Health nd beauty achieved through
         an holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle.
                             January 2009

                snowman, black  hat, white snow, red scarf, turquoise ear muffs, branches,smiling,black nose and eyetree, branches, gray sky, clouds
 Winter in the Northeast USA can be cold and dreary.  It can also dry out your skin.
                      That is why a good moisturizer
                                    is recommended to keep
                                                your skin
                                          looking its' best.

Although a skin mosturizer can help protect your skin, there are some ingredients worthwhile mentioning as avoidable. Avoid moisturizers that contain mineral oil, paraffin, or petrolatum.
                                     These ingredients will block your pores.
Toluene or dioxane can be fatal if ingested or promote the growth of cancer cells. Propylene glycol
is used as a carrier of fragrance oils. It is also potentially dangerous. And, probably worst of all is
                                                       SODIUM LAUREL
                                                also known as lauryl sulfate.

                          This stuff is used in degreasers and garage floor cleaners !!! 

           Would you want to put lauryl sulfate
                             on your face ?

                            GO NATURAL. 

                            February 2009
            The exact date of Mardi Gras changes from year              
  to year. But, one thing is for certain..... lots of fun and costumes
  of all types. Cosmetics play an important part in completing that 
                          perfect "Fat Tueday" look.                 
                  cat, green eyes, fancy clothing, big ears, orange and red, gold,purple
          The primary ingredients of lipstick are wax, oil, alcohol, and pigment.
 Unbelievably, a woman can ingest up to 4 lbs of lipstick in a lifetime. As you eat or lick your
lips,you swallow lipstick.The problem lies in the fact that some ingredients of lipstick, like coal tar,can cause cancer. It is better to choose lipsticks made with natural ingredients like beeswax or candelilla wax. Candelilla wax is made from the candelilla plant.

                              Keep your lips natural.
  Don't See Your Picture ? Maybe you're on theFriends of Beauty page. 
 ( Page available to Members only for photo posting.)

                   Are you interested in learning more about acne?      toxins

                                                    MARCH 2009

                            St. Patrick's Day


                brown branches, snow,  house   woman , smiling, leprechaun, green hats, chair, orange beard, gold buckle, hands

                                             Have you had your "liquid bread" today?

                                                              That's right...............BEER !!

                                The Trappist monks sustained themselves during lenten fasts
                                            by drinking beer. They called it "liquid bread".

             The main ingredients of beer are barley, hops, malt and brewer's yeast. Of course, 
                                              the fermentation process produces alcohol.

                                    So, can beer be good for you ?

      First of all, let us emphasize that moderation is the key to enjoying the
benefits of beer.One drink a day is acceptable. A glass of beer per day may increase intelligence in women. For men, 35 drinks per week is the upper limit. For women, about 25 per week. Drinking in 
                       excess of these amounts, may have serious health implications including 
                                                                            liver damage.

                       Beer contains folate. Folate has been shown to reduce homocysteine levels.
As a result, beer can lower blood pressure, reduce blood clotting and lower the risk of cardiovascular
disease. There also is evidence that drinking beer may increase bone density. Other constituents
                                                                          of beer include: 

                                                                             potassium .
                                   BEER IS A GOOD SOURCE OF PROTEIN
                                 AND CARBOHYDRATES.

                                          Raise a glass !!
                                    Here's to your health !!

                                CEAD MILE FAILTE !!

                                     Welcome to  BOKOB .
                            ( " A Hundred Thousand Times .")

                             green and white shoe, beer,beer mug, small green mug,shamrock, white pipe,carnation,coaster, shots

                    The change of seasons is a long anticipated 
                     reality in the Spring. With winter behind us,
                        nature starts to love the seeds of a new
                         growing season with the suns' warmth.

                            SUMMER around the corner !!                         

                                         APRIL 2009



                                cups, bunnies, chicks, eggs, various colored eggs,black table                                                                                                           

                                         EASTER............bunnies, ducks, jelly beans 
              A time for nature to awaken and bringout the natural beauty.

                                                    GOD BLESS AMERICA
                                                         at this joyous time.

          Aside from the wonderfully, beautiful decorations made during the Easter season;
                        these avian "gems" are an excellent source of nutrition. 

                                                   What gems , You say ?

                                                              EGGS !!.
  are an "egg"cellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals.
       Most of the protein in an egg is contained in the albumen. Egg protein contains
        all of the essential amino acids necessary for human life. This makes eggs an 
                                            "egg"stremely nutritious food.


     Eggs contain many minerals and trace elements.
 They are a good source of iodine.
         Eggs contain all of the B vitamins. They also contain pantothenic acid, Other vitamins include:

                                                                VITAMIN  A

                                                                VITAMIN  D

                                                                VITAMIN  E.

                                       SORRY, NO VITAMIN C.

                                       ( Oranges cornered the market on that one .)

                                           Eggs are a good source of 
                               Lecithin and Cholesterol.

         Lecithin is needed by the body to help transport fats in the blood.

           Cholesterol is essential for proper cell membrane function.

                                          So, next time........

                                                         before you consider........

                                                                     coloring an egg..........

               They're good for you.


                          LOOKING FOR HARD TO FIND 
                                                    DVD ?      

like "The Soupy Sales Collection", maybe ?
                         May 2009

                             Memorial Day

            Well, Mother's Day has passed and we are well into spring
         in the Northeast USA.  Today, 5/25 is Memorial Day......the day when
       we honor our heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.
                   Today, ceremonies will be held across the United States 
           to honor these brave men and women.  Places  like Arlington National
                                         Cemetery in Washington, DC. 
                   In California, volunteers at the Riverside National Cemetery
        have been reading the names of 148,000 fallen soldiers in a ceremony
       that has lasted 10 days. There are 300 volunteers. There are 2,465 pages
                             of names. The last page will be read today. 

                       GOD BLESS AMERICA
              on this Memorial Day.

     Barbeques are the feast of choice 
        at Memorial Day gatherings.

       Having a good time does not mean that we cannot eat healthy.
       Look for healthy alternatives
                    to fatty, juicy
        I know. they taste great.. But, the risks outweight the flavor.
                 All the exercise in the world won't makeup for clogging your
                                             arteries and  putting your

                 HEART AT RISK.

             Consider vegetables. Choose every color of the rainbow when it
                                            maximizing vitamin content.
                 Cut the veggies into chunks and strips. Marinate with pepper,
                                      GARLIC and ONIONS.         

                                           PS: Take it easy on the salt.

                 Grilll.....don't steam or boil. Covering the vegetables with foil

                             will cause the veggies to steam or even boil.

                 Once grilled, add some other spices if you like and a touch of

             100% Virgin Olive Oil.
              The olive oil is your daily intake of fat.

                         And....what about fish ?

                     Fish is a good source of protein. Consider grilling some


                                                   Tuna is low in fat.

          Eat healthy, live longer, and..................

                         american flag, owl, white table,trellis, green grass, red and yellow flowers

                       ENJOY MEMORIAL DAY.
                               June 2009

                              Fathers Day
                   patio, umbrella, decorations, red stones, Tiki torch, hay stack, garage, table

                                   Let' s take time out to honor our fathers.

                         We are a product of their love and understanding.

             Our fathers and their fathers have fought the wars that have made
                                        the USA , what we know today. 

                                            THANKS POPS.

                     Time for a little R & R. 

            Interested in some healthy eating ?

                  Read our May 2009 entry.

                         SUMMER 2009

                  July through September

             Nature is in bloom and it's time
               to enjoy some nice weather.

       round flower, purple, green leaves   green rug, American flag, red cooler, whitev table and chairs, green grass, shrubs, yellow flower

               Swimming is great exercise.

                 But, this summer activity
                 can also be dangerous to
                            your body.


    Chlorine is a gaseous green element that is
  known for its' disinfecting power. It can attack
  your eyes, skin, hair and even your teeth !!

Mostly blondes are affected by

          Their hair turns green.
      Wetting the hair before swimming with tap water
       can help to reduce this effect. A bathing cap is also
 helpful.  Skin can become dry and scaly. 
         Skin is the largest body organ, and is waterproof.
     However, it can absorb contaminants.Once absorbed,


                                   destroys protein.

           Water itself can remove moisture from the skin.

     Once the oily film on the skin is removed by immersing

           the skin becomes dry and itchy.

           Not to mention....

                   NEVER SWALLOW

               CHLORINATED WATER !!




          Scary Halloween pics
       and .... pumpkin nutrition.


                  October 2009


      orange pumpkin, hay, red flowers, white fence,grass, green leaves
     It's that time of year again. Ghosts,
    goblins, and things that go bump in the
                 night, scare the wits 
                          out of us.

               white table, black cat, orange  Jack O Lantern, doll  
     white chair, white skeleton, white garage smiling Jack O Lantern, orange,green leaves   

    Not everything about Halloween is scary.


    The word pumpkin comes from the greek word "pepon ". 

          The word means "large melon ". 

       Pumpkins originated in Central America, The Native
    Americans called the fruit isqoutim squash. They used 
    pumpkins for food and medicine.  At one time, pumpkins 
           were recommended to remove freckles
                    and to cure snake bites.

                   They are cucurbits.

      The largest pumpkin ever grown was

                      1,140 pounds.

         The largest pumpkin pie was over 

                  350 pounds.

      The orange color of a pumpkin gives us
                  a clue to its' goodness

     Beta-carotene is converted to Vitamin A
                     in the human body.

          Beta-carotene is an anti-oxidant.

            It helps to reduce the risk of
                        heart disease 


                Here are some nutritional
                  facts about pumpkins.

               1cup of pumpkin contains:

                          49 calories
                          2g protein
                          12g carbs
                       37 mg calcium
                       50mg selenium
                      2650 IU vitamin A
                        3mg vitamin E

       So, before you carve a pumpkin...........

                   EAT ONE.

          green shamrocks

             What.....shamrocks ?

     That's right. From the land of Ireland,
      comes the history of jack-o-lanterns.

    Irish myth has it that a man named
                        Stingy Jack 
                         tricked the


    Stingy Jack invited the Devil for a drink.
  Of course, Jack had no money. He asked
  the Devil to turn himself into a coin. Once 
  Jack had the coin , he put it in his pocket
  and didn't pay for the drinks. Jack had a 
   cross in his pocket, and the Devil could
    not turn himself back into his ugly self.
 Jack made a deal with the Devil. He would
   let him go if the Devil promised to leave
    him alone for one year and never want                   
                    The Devil agreed. 
A few years later, Jack tricked the Devil again.

   This time , he trapped the Devil in a tree, 
  by carving a cross at the base of the tree.
                     When Jack died,
   neither God or the Devil wanted his soul.
    Jack was forced to roam the darkness
 with a hot coal for light. He put the coal into
                            a turnip.

              And so.......the beginning of



                  Happy Halloween

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   pumpkin .green hat, orange face,brown cape, wooden torch                                                                                     
  "Gobble, Gobble "..........  

                                           November 13,2009

                      Thanksgiving Time                    

                    Turkey,red blaid,white eyes, orange peak, straw

     "Our harvest being gotten in.....our governor
 sent four men on fowling, that so we might after
 a special manner rejoice together."

                                                Edward Winslow

   The first Thanksgiving was held at Plymouth.
      It was not called a Thanksgiving although
       the Pilgrims always gave thanks to God.


          The first religious Thanksgiving was
                 held in 1623, two years later
               than the previously mentioned. 

    Only 53 survivors from the Mayflower attended the 1621 celebration.
         King Massasoit and 90 Indians of the 
             Wampanoag tribe also attended
                         the noon meat.
                Dinner was always served at  noon in the
                                   seventeenth century.......

                                     hence, noonmeat.

                             The feast lasted three days. 

                     What was the menu ?

          More meat than vegetables for sure.

 We know that written accounts of the feast
 mention venison and wild turkeys. Dried fish, corn,
              fruits, and herbs were also probably present.

      refrigeration in those days.

                      Was the food spicy ?

           The Pilgrims used the following spices:





        Pumpkin pie was not on the table. The suger supply 
             from the Mayflower had diminished by autumn.

                 How nutritious was the meal ?

You would be surprized. For one thing, cinnamon is
                      full of nutrients including calcium. 

                            True cinnamon comes from Sri Lanka.

                                                   It is called


                Cinnamon has been shown to help with the following:



                                                blood glucose


                        It also has
     anti-inflammatory properties.

            Cinnamon contains:


                     vitamin C

                     vitamin K

                and manganese.

      So, cinnamon is good for you.
           However, overdoses of cinnamon can cause
     bleeding when mixed with blood thinners like aspirin. It has also been
     shown that cinnamon can cause contractions of the uterus in pregnant

                   It's ThanksgivingTime.
                    Sit back and enjoy some homemade pumpkin pie

                        full of nutmeg, allspice, ginger and................






                                                           for cinnamon info.

                                             Christmas Time
                                                                        Nativity scene,manger, Joseph, Mary, Jesus, three Kings, red lighting, lights    

          Christmas time marks the birth of Jesus in the Christian tradition. However,

            one of the rituals associated with Christmas has its' roots in paganism 

                                                         and superstition.


                      Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that grows on tree branches. 

                     The Druids used a golden knife to cut the plant from trees.
                                 Mistletoe was  a sacred herb of the Druids.

                    As years passed, Christmas became more commercial. 

                         SANTA CLAUS
       Kris Kringle and Mistletoe 
                              hung over
               doors to protect the home from

                    witches and evil spirits.
            Mistletoe was also placed in cribs
            to protect infants from fairies who
             would steal children and replace
                    them with changlings.


     home, green red blue, brown roof, white snow, children singing
      The leaves of mistletoe are non-toxic. The berries
            are toxic. So, tea can be made from mistletoe leaves.
Mistletoe is excellent for stress.
        Stress distrupts the electrical reactions
        of the nervous system. Every chemical
       reaction is accompanied or overseen by 

         Stress stops the body from enjoying
                   the benefits of herbs. 
                      MISTLETOE TEA 
             benefits the glandular system 
                         including the
                   Drinking mistletoe tea:
                   normalizes circulation,
                       blood pressure
                   helps chronic fatigue
                     helps metabolism,
                      menopausal and 
                      period problems. 

                  It also helps to control

          Maca and Yam are also hormonal
             Mistletoe tea can be part of
            an holistic approach to living. 

                  WARNING !!
     Never drink unprocessed
            mistletoe tea. 
                      It can be fatal.


        January 2010
     January  is a month for Football !!

brown football, white laces
        GO TEAM !

            gameday, football, green flag, clock, white ceiling, woodwork,deorations
       But, it is also the month in which we
      celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Day

    Dr. King was a great Afro-american civil
              rights leader and orator.

   Now, America has another Afro-american
            leader in President Obama.

        There are many outstanding sports
                   figures in the NFL.
       The NFL playoffs offer us the best in
                     football action.
   Many of these players are Afro-americans.


                Afro-american diseases like
    sickle cell anemia.
             Have you ever heard of

           FEVER ?
      There are different diseases
         associated with Afro-americans.
    sickle cell anemia-a hereditary disease
    Tibia vara/Blount's Disease- congenital
    Lupus nephritis-allergic, auto-immune
       and ........
Blackwater Fever. 
Blackwater fever is a complication of malaria.
            it can lead to kidney failure.
      It is a parasitization of
red blood cells
by Plasmodium falciparium.

      In a few days, the patient experiences:

                           high fever
              and dark red or black urine.

 The cause is likely an auto-immune reaction.

                       LEARN MORE: 

           Thump, thump, thump, thump...... thump,
                              THUMP !!!



                                                        Love..Love...LOVE !!!
                                       collection of red hearts 
        Dreamstime Photo 2010
             and....Mardi Gras!!!!                
            purle, gold, green, comedy, tragedy, clown face, banners

               and..."Let the Good Times Roll."

                             CONGRATS SAINTS !
             Super Bowl Champs

             Is your heart healthy ?

        snow, snowman, red heart
                 Cold hands.......
                    Warm Heart.       

                Before I discuss heart health, lets' take a look at the origins of
                                      Valentines Day and Mardi Gras.
                The clubbing death and decapitation of the Catholic churchs'
                              own martyr is the origin of Valentines Day.
              In the 4th century,  the ancient Romans  practiced a young mans'
       rite of passage to the God, Lupercus. A man was assigned a woman for companionship and sex. The early church fathers sough a "lovers" saint to replace

          They found Bishop Valentine, who had been martyred 200 years earlier.

                                                He was martyred on

  February 24, 270.

      Valentine was martyred for not
           renouncing Christianity.
     History has it that Valentine fell
    in love with the blind daughter of
             the jailer, Asterius.
       He miraculously restored her
        sight before his execution.

        He left her a farewell note:

           "From Your Valentine."
                Sound familiar ??

                             Mardi Gras has different names:

                                         Mardi Gras to the French.......
                                        Shrove Day to the English......

                                     also known as Pancake Day............

                                         Fastnacht to the Germans.

              The mother of Mardi Gras seems to be the Ancient Roman


          The first observance of
                   Mardi Gras
          was in the Middle ages
      following the Reformation of
      the 14th and 15th centuries.
       The name "Fat Tuesday" may have come from the
       custom of parading a fat ox through the streets of Paris.

                     Also, at that time, all fats in the home
                          were consumed before Lent.
   The name, Shrove Tuesday, comes from the verb " to shrove"
           which means to confess and receive absolution.

            The first Mardi Gras in New Orleans
                          was in 1699.
               Some people believe that
      Mardi Gras began in Mobile , Alabama.

    A man named Michael Krafft organized the
                     endeavour and the
       Cowbellia de Rakin Society.
             Regardless, Mardi Gras is great fun for all,
                               and a Catholic event.

.....................................................What about your HEART ?

        More to come about chocolate and

                 HEART HEALTH.
                           what about consuming
   all that fat before Fat Tuesday ?

         Is it good for your heart ?

          Learn about chocolate
                and your heart.






              St. Patricks Day
                          and Corned Beef

                 corned beef, carrots, potatoes, white plate,fork, cabbage, green napkin        
                         Photo property of Dreamstime

                                      Corned beef is a traditional St. Patricks Day dinner.

          Legend says that corned beef
           was a spring dish in Ireland.
     The beef was corned all winter long.
       To "corn" means to preserve and
                  preserve in brine.
                    Brine is a mixture of :
                                             Kosher salt
                                            brown sugar
                                           pickling spices
                                   The pickling spices are:
                                                   mustard seed
                                        black peppercorn
                                                   bay leaves
                                   and.........   juniper berries.

           According to the USDA National Nutrition Database,

                                     Corned beef contains:

                                              210 calories
                                                15g fat
                                          5g saturated fat
                                                 0 carbs
                                         85 mg cholesterol
                                             15g protein
                                           964mg sodium
                                           It also contains:


             3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

       Omega 3 and Omega 6 are heart healthy.

                 Enjoy your St. Patricks Day.

           A nice cold beer and a corned beef
               sandwich with some cabbage
                          and potatoes......

                                      .......that's the ticket !!
           If you are interested, read our 3/17/09
     entry for St. Patricks Day on this same page.

                       "liquid bread"
                 Good tasting and nutritious too.







                 One Month into Spring

       Spring is in the air. And, it is time for

               nature to rejuvenate itself.

       Bulbs sprout from the ground, grass

                grows rapidly and the

               world is a happy place.

            four kittens, red and greem blanket,yellow flowers

                    .....just look at these beautiful kittens.

                Nature raising its' arms to the sky.

                                                                       green sprouts, leaves, brown dirt

           Did you know that gardening
       can be hazardous to your health?
       A gardener can contract bacterial
               diseases from the soil.

                   from raw meat or
    Cats have diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Although it is
      not likely that you can become ill, take precautions. Always wash hands
         after touching your cat , and especially, after touch cats outdoors.

             Cat related diseases that can be passed on to humans include:

                                    CAT SCRATCH FEVER

                                                   a zoonotic disease



          Contracting a disease depends on the
                     health of the person.
     Infants, children under 5, HIV/AIDS patients
             and cancer patients are at risk.
                            Learn more.








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