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                                                                      What is an affiliate website ?

          Think of an affiliate website in much the same way you think of your local department store. A department store offers a wide variety of products that are not manufactured by the store. Products are displayed on shelves for your consideration.
          An affiliate website displays banners a/o text links that redirect you to the product advertiser. BOKOB is the publisher. The advertiser finalizes the sale at the advertisers' product site.

                                        WE HAVE IMPORTANT INFORMATION YOU SHOULD KNOW.

                                                          What are secure and nonsecure items ? 

          When you visit some of the webpages at BOKOB, you will be asked a question about secure and nonsecure items. Don't be alarmed. All information on this site is secure-it is the property of this website. Also , we are responsible to secure your personal information.  A security seal (SSL) is displayed at the bottom of the Home page. Once redirected to an advertiser site, the security and policies of that site apply. BOKOB cannot display a security seal for that site. Refer to usage, privacy and legal notices of the purchasing site for more information.                                                                                        
      Rest assured that each advertiser is a reputable vendor. We are judged by the company we keep.
                    In order to continue browsing our site, click "Yes" when asked the question about viewing nonsecure items, and "No" when asked to view secure items ONLY. You want to be able to use the reputable product vendor banners.  Answering "Yes " to  secure items will impair the usage of the banners.

  Internet Explorer 5.5, 6.0 and 7.0 will ask you to answer "Yes" to nonsecure items.
     Internet Explore 8.0 will ask you to answer"No" to viewing secured items only.
                      This is a "Yes" to nonsecured items.

                                                  Don't be confused. You want to view banners.
                             Each redirect page is a
                      secure purchase page.

          Viewing secured items, will only allow you to visit our content and disable the banner display. 
                                  Visit our Quick Shopping Cart for products available at BOKOB.
           If you live outside of the USA and wish to purchase a product from our Shopping cart ,please contact us at to make purchase and shipping arrangements. The Shopping cart purchase options include international shipping to certain destinations only. However, we do appreciate your business and will make every effort to make the transaction as simply as possible. Thank you.

                                       Must I make a purchase in order to recieve a FREE newsletter ?

          No. You can recieve a FREE newsletter and any other free offer without a purchase.

                                                           Where is my purchase finalized ?

          Your purchased is finalized at the advertiser site. Products sold directly by BOKOB can be purchased at the Quick Shopping Cart page. Each advertiser accepts different methods of payment. Some accept Paypal, some credit cards, money orders, etc:.  Some accept multiple means of payment.
          BOKOBs' preferred method of payment is PAYPAL. We are PAYPAL verified.

                                               If I contact BOKOB, will I be put on a mailing list ?

          If you contact us through the Product Review page, you will be put on a mailing list. If you use the CONTACT US page, you will be emailed and asked if you wish to be put on the opt-in email list. Please ask for newsletters, etc; in the COMMENT box. if you want immediate results.  You can accept, decline, or asked to be removed at any time.
          You can also contact us at  with any questions

                                      WE PRIDE OURSELVES ON CUSTOMER SERVICE AND 

                                                    Where can I find the Privacy, Usage and 
                                                Legal notices for Bringout Knockout-Beauty ?

          At the bottom of the Home page, and some other pages, you will find text links to all the information pertinent to this website. Just click on the links and you will be brought to the proper page.

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                                Thank you for visiting:


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