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Friends Of Beauty
      Now that you are a Mem Insider, consider this page

                           "  YOUR PAGE  ".
           If you are a friend of BOKOB, then you 
                        are a friend of beauty
            After all, that's what we're all about.......
                          health and beauty.
          And you're probably a knockout beauty,
                                    (or at least handsome)
                 So, be a good friend.....send us some beauty.                    
 Send us a photo of yourself, and a little bit about you.
           But, just be careful about posting any
                       personal information.
  If you would like to contact someone, BOKOB would be
                    more than happy to help.
        We can arrange for you to email another
                 member with mutual consent.

                        Just think of this page
                             THE LOUNGE.

                    So, let's get started!!

                  Brought to you by:
                 Please Contact BOKOB for complimentary items.
                                           man, bue shirt, blue jeans, blue hat, green grass, white fence, yellow and red flowers, red cedar                
                               Bob Ligenza
                 Founder and Owner of BOKOB.

          As I may have mentioned somewhere else, I truly love
           gardening. I love to grow flowers, herbs, and vegetables.
                Did you know that flowers are used in making perfumes ?
                                Insects are looking for food, either nectar or pollen.
Flower fragrances most probably evolved to deter herbivores. However as evolution progressed, these chemicals became attractive scents to hungry insects. Now, the reproductive processes of plants would
                                  get a "helping hand" from insects like bees.
                           Pollen is picked up by the insects' legs and transferred to
                                               the stamen for fertilization.

The beginnings of a new plant is set into motion: only to produce more flowers and more wonderful
                                            fragrances for perfume lovers.
             Do insects smell things like we do ?
                     (I don't think they use perfumes !!)

                                 ...........or colognes, or.....
               Have you tried any of Avons' great fragrances ?
                Visit our Avon Samples page 
          to learn more about complimentary
                      Do you like to read ?

    Speaking  of plants, did you know that all natural, organic cosmetics
     can help nourish your skin ? Made from botanicals, they improve the texture
     and appearance of skin with daily use.    Find out more: Lavera

                  What do you know about the House of Chen ?
                              Get Tai Chi instructions.
                                               Look for the text link.
                   A healthy mind and body can be achieved. 
      What do you know about viral diseases ?
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