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     For a long time , pants were always associated with the male gender. Of course, that changed some time ago. But, now it seems that a resurgance of pants as feminine fashion is apon us. Spring 2009 appears to be the pastel pants revival, and with smart accessories  to accentuate the color extravaganza, well................
it should be something else !!

                                   Here are some hot spring fashion trends
                                                     for our members. 
                                 Black boots with architectural accents

                                        Purses in colorful shades

                          A melange of metallic fashion pieces.

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                           March 2, 2009
                    Wholesome ingredients

          The hotest trend in healthy eating involves the use of natural ingredients in rolls, breads and pastries. New breads and tortillas are popping up all over the market. It is in response to the         consumer need for gluten free breads, that these baked items have emerged .It is estimated that 1% of americans suffer from coeliac disease- an autoimmune disease of the small intestine. Many have
                                                    not been diagnosed.
             A protein contained in the following grains is responsible for the condition.

 An importance part of baking gluten free products is to avoid cross contamination.
                   The facility must be gluten free in all procedures.

                     The Grainless Baker 
                          of  Hamlin Pa.

             is leading the way in the production of gluten free products.
                                         Other note worthy bakers are:

                            The Charter baking Co.
                          of Boulder Co.

                                who owns Rudi's Organic.
Rudi's produces products for those who prefer high fiber baked products.
 Other bakers add omega3's a/o antioxidants to their products. Some even add these
                                             ingredients to pizza dough.

                 DON PANCO AUTHENTIC
                       MEXICAN FOOD
                         of Salem, Ore
                              produces natural ingredient tortillas
                                             with natural earth colors.
      As you shop for gluten free and natural ingredient baked goods, you will find a wide
                                                   variety including,

                                                     flaxseed bread
                                                    cinnamon raisin
                        and......                     mock rye,

                                          ........for your enjoyment.
                                            Breakfast, anyone ?

                      bagel, brown, clear plate, wood grain table,round baking goods


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                                                April 13,2009

              The latest in fashion and beauty.

    Did you know that silver is now more popular than

 According to
 THE SHINE , silver accessories are now more popular than gold.
            There has been an increse in consumers selling their gold during 
                                          these tough economic times.

                                     Boots are where it's at !!

                         What do you think is the most popular type of boot ?

                                                          high boots
                                                     motorcycle boots
                                                            or Uggs.

                                     According to search engine results, 

                                                      UGGS !!!  

                            And, when it comes to designer merchandise,

                         handbags are more popular than sunglasses and 


                                             is more popular than red. 

                                 Historically, red always sells better during 

As for hair, Black and Shags, 

                                               top the list. 

Oh, yes.......let's not forget !! 

                                           HEIDI KLUM 

                             .......... more popular than Mrs. Tom Brady !!

                                Go Mrs. Seal.

                                                           And, finally......   

                           search engine results indicate that consumers 
                                               search  for these styles
                                                       more than the 
                                        70's Bell bottoms or...   

                                           styles of any other decade. 

                                            WHICH STYLES ? 

                              the 80's ... of course !!






                                                  May 24. 2009

   Some of the latest trends may not be good for you !!

               HEALTH TRENDS... THAT IS !!

                Let's discuss a few, shall we ?

                            whole grains
vitamin water
                          organic produce

Whole grains.....just because a product is made with whole grains, 
         doesn't mean that it is good for you. Many products are "made with " whole grains 
       versus being "100 %  whole grain". Adding whole grains to cereals full of sugar and fat
                                            doesn't make a healthy cereal.

                                   100 % whole grain
        is much more healthier than refined grains. Fiber rich whole grain foods can help our
        health in many ways. It has been shown that whole grains can help in the fight against
        hypertension, diabetes, cancer and even heart disease. It is recommended that 1/2 of 
                              your daily intake of grains should be whole grains.

                                 REFINED GRAINS
                                      can actually be harmful to our bodies.

          Choose healthy foods that might be fortified versus junk foods with added nutrients.

                                 VITAMIN WATER
  can actully make you fat !!
                   You can gain
                       weight !!
       While vitamin water contains vitamins, many of these products contain 

                If you read that caloric value of the drink, you might find as much as 

                            125 calories.

              Plain tap water has no calories. You might do better with filtered tap water

                        AND A VITAMIN SUPPLEMENT.

                                  Choose vitamins that don't contain sugar.

                 Can you believe ,that you can gain 15 pounds a year by drinking one 
                                           bottle of vitamin water a day ?

                                   ORGANIC PRODUCE

                      While it may seem healthier to eat organically grown produce, 

                                          there is no evidence that
                    ORGANIC IS BETTER.

                 The important thing to remember is that ripe fruits and vegetables

                                  are better that those picked prematurely.

             Colorful fruits and veggies contain phytochemicals. This chemivals help to

                                          produce antioxidant enzymes.

         So, while organic is not neccesarily better...........

                               colorful produce can be more beneficial than

                                        VITAMIN C  
                                         VITAMIN E


                          June 1, 2009

   Here is a disgusting thought that may be good for your health. Ever consider drinking your urine ?  During the 20th century, doctors have been proving that urine is a source of :                        
                      and other nutrients.

      This research was unknown to the public.
       Medicine has been using urine to cure:

                               heart disease
                                      and asthma......

            name a few.

             In India, drinking urine is known as


   The late Prime Minister of India

                              Morarji Desai
              attributed his longevity and health
                    to drinking his own

              Kind of Ripley's Believe It or Not !!

                  Supposedly, the best urine 
                     is the first morning urine.

                      Here's to your health !

                   A June 2009 health trend.


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