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Insider Beauty News 2: Newsletters for July 2009 thru August 2010 Archives.
                                                        SUMMER 2009

                A time for COLORS.

              July - September 2009

    Beautiful days, BBQ's,  cold drinks, swimming......

                     AAH !......can't wait.

    Fashions for summer are all about 


          Strong eyes, colorful tones
         pink cheeks and long lashes.

Impressive eye colors include:
                         or aqua
Mix pastels and bright colors.

                     Try orange
                     bright blues

                      and yellow.

              Natural in !!

         Try mineral makeup for that
              fresh , youthful look. 


                October 21, 2009

       The Centre for Food and Health Studies'New Nutrition
            released its' annual report of food, nutrition and health
                        trends for 2009 in December of 2008.

                                   10 KEY TRENDS

                                        - digestive health
                                        - feel the benefit
                                        - weight management
                                        - energy
                                        - naturally healthy
                                        - fruit
                                        - snacking
                                        - traget niches
                                        - packaging

There also were 5 Micro-Trends.
                  Of these, the most interesting to me is 

                 MOOD FOODS 
           The best foods to eat to improve your mood are:
                     - oatmeal
                     - walnuts
                     - tea
                     - salmon
                     - lentils
    Of these, I am most interested in 
       Walnuts have often been associated 
                        with the brain  
 of their appearance.

               Walnuts contain 
                    OMEGA 3
                 FATTY ACIDS.

        Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for
                brain cells and mood lifting
        For those of us who cannot eat seafood,
          walnuts are a welcomed alternative
                   to get those omega 3's.

            EAT SOME A WALNUTS.
       Become a brainiac !!! 






               November 17, 2009

    Last year, a survey conducted by Fitness Health Professional
        noted some new trends for health and fitness clubs for 2009.

                Aside from hygiene and cleanliness concerns,
              the following list of trends for this year was posted. 
                       The main concern of these clubs is to
                                    attract new members.
                As you might imagine, filthy locker rooms are not
                               very attractive, for starters.

                  Then.........     better lighting

                    flat screen TVs' and entertainment systems

                                   locker room lounges

          non-member services like juice bars, spas, and classes

                      European influence: elegant and chic

                             social places for gatherings

              All of these changes would produce a new look 
     for existing clubs, and a new approach for clubs begining
                  to open their doors to the health minded.

                      For more info.........



                        December 24, 2009

                                  Holiday Season

        "I would like to wish everyone a happy 
                   and healthy Holiday Season

                                                                        Bob Ligenza 

                The Holidays are here , and so is winter in the
         Northeast USA. Temperatures are dropping and the wind 

                                            is blowing.

                    Everyone is dressed up for Holiday cheer. 

              You want to look your best for those photos with
                                    family and friends.

               But, it's hard to look good when the cold has taken 

                                             it's toll.
                  All the vitamins available and moisturizing
                                   your skin can help. 

                  But, the cold wind has a different agenda: 

                   DRY SKIN 

                                  Here are some tips: 

                                1) wear warm boots
                                2) dress for temperatures 20
                                    degrees below expected

                                3) keep hands warm
                                4) get out of the wind
                                5) wear a scarf
                                6) keep your head warm 

         Most body heat is lost through the head. 

Animals and birds fluff their feathers 
                                  and fur to keep warm. 

                     We, humans , are at a disadvantage
                                       in that respect.

                   So, enjoy the Holidays 

                       and........ stay warm.  

              Look your best  for 

              photos with Santa.

              January 26, 2010

                DIY Healthcare

       A growing trend for 2010 is
                DIY Nealthcare.

      DIY stands for Do It Yourself.

       With the 20 something demographic out of work,
    and unemployment rising, the trend toward self healthcare
                                       is on the rise.

         Insurance costs are high, and out of pocket expenses\
                                      are prohibitive.

                            WHAT TO DO ?

       For the most part, you can
              self medicate any
            medical emergency. 
   Of course, a big problem may require medical assistance.
               You may even mis-diagnose the problem.

            And, swapping meds may not be a good idea.

    However, healthy living, eating
  right and exercise can only help.

         Taking vitamins is also a
                  good idea.
       Healthcare on your own.

               Do It Yourself.
           But, still be careful.

 With the availability of information
                 on the web,
   research the problem that you
          think you may have
       before approaching with
                  a solution.


          February 18, 2010

                Heart Month
           February brings us Valentines Day.

                It is customary to bring the one you love,

                           flowers and chocolates.

    Of course , since February is heart month, the trend is
      towards health healthy chocolate. Pure cocoa is

                heart healthy.

   Processed chocolate contains:

                  corn syrup
                 dairy cream

         These ingredients can
                clog arteries.
              The fat content of pure cocoa is derived from:

                                                oleic acid

                                               stearic acid

                                              palmitic acid.

                       Oleic acid is good for you. It is found in

                                         OLIVE OIL.
   Palmitic acid is found in small amounts.

   Stearic acid has a neutralizing effect on


    Saturated fats are linked to increased

            LDL cholesterol levels and

               HEART DISEASE.
 Milk chocolate has fat from milk.

       .......................Dark chocolate is much better.

                The only drawback is that
                    pure cocoa has high calories and
                          can add to your waistline.



                                       March 25, 2010

                  Shamrock Shake

  I guess by now, everyone is familiar with the Shamrock Shake. It has
       been a trendy tradition at McDonalds for about 40 years. It was
                  introduced in 1970, and has been available in
                       late February, just before St Patty's Day.

                In the 1980's, McDonalds marketed the Shake with

                         the character, Uncle O' Grimacey.

           In the 1990's , the Shake was widely available across
                                          the USA.
               Now, it can only be found at selected locations.

                   In 2010, the Shake can only be found at 2

                              New York City locations:

                       Times Square and Union Square.

          The 2010 Shake has whipped cream and a cherry

                                        added to it.

                          Here is some nutritional info:

                             A 16oz shake contains:

                                     550 calories

                                       13g of fat

                               50mg of cholesterol

                                        96 carbs

          A St. Patty's Day Tradition

                       ......... at McDonalds.       

         Enjoy in good health!!!!!               





                   April 23, 2010

  Spring is here again, and the fashion
   world is waking up with new ideas.

             Experts say that the global financial crisis
                                  is coming to an end.

                    A new standard of fashion is emerging.
                   We are likely to see classically inspired
                          fashions with the infusion of

                                 SEX and SKIN.

                            Look for:

                       Short hemlines
                           hot pants
                              boy shorts
                                 tap pants
                         and.................high split dresses.

           Also...get ready for Sci - Fi fashions
      and reinterpretations of futuristic concepts.

        Knee high socks and thigh high socks
           will be used as layering over tights.

        Military and tribal trends with
                  leather tunics
                   metal plating
                  and war paint
      will add excitement to the new


                                            LEARN MORE:



             Anger Management

             According to,
                     anger management is HOT !!
      There are classes, DVD 's, books and a growing
                                niche market.

                    in Sacramento, Ca.
       offers 2- 1 hour classes on Tuesday

                    and Thursdays.
           There is also an 8 hour class on
            There are 10 people to a class.
       The program has a gross income of 12K
                            per month.

                                                       References :






7 Bad Foods

   There are some foods that just
have a bad reputation. These foods are considered "bad" because they
   contain sugar, fat, caffeine
               or cholesterol.

                THE SEVEN:
                peanut butter
                 grape juice
  But, the fact of the matter is that these foods are actually  good for you. There is a new trend developing that includes
                  these "bad " foods in your diet.

                             WHY ?

  Peanut butter contains polyunsaturated fats
              and monounsaturated fats.
   The former helps to raise good HDL levels,
          and the latter lowers LDL levels.
       Peanut butter is thought to be bad
                 because of fat content.

 Avocados contain the same type
       of fats and therefore are
                heart healthy.
     They also contain lutein and
            glutothione which
  A chemical called beta sitosterol
   is found in avocados and helps
      to lower cholesterol levels.
   The fat in avocados is actually
                good for you.

       Coffee contains caffeine. It makes people nervous.
  But, did you know that 1 - 3 cups of coffee daily can help
       to reduce the risk of diabetes by 54% in men , and
                                 30% in women ?
     You will also be 80% less likely to develop Parkinsons
          Grape juice is high in sugar.
   Grape juice contains flavanoids that
  help antioxidants to work longer in
                    our bodies.
   Vitamin E levels increase in the plasma and platelet activity
  decreases, reducing blood clotting.  So, why worry about the

                              SUGAR ?
Potatoes contain saturated fats and
        carbs when served as a
                  fried food.     
  But, potatoes are a great source of :
                   vitamin C 
                    folic acid
   and......     kuko amines.  There is great potential for lowering blood pressure by eating potatoes. So, why not try a baked or
            boiled potato today ?
      Eggs are high in cholesterol. But, dietary
cholesterol does not raise cholesterol levels. Saturated
fats raise cholesterol levels. Eggs contain lutein and
zeaxanthin. They also contain sulphur. Sulphur is
good for your hair and nails. Choline is also found
                             in eggs.
         Why not try a hard boiled egg today ?  Remember, frying increases saturated fat levels...
                 ........ not the egg.

        I love chocolate.
 But, chocolate has a bad rep
  because of the fat that it
   contains. Actually, only
   1/3 of the fat content is
           bad for you.
    Oleic acid and palmitic acid are good fats.
    Stearic acid is the 1/3 bad fat. Chocolate also
  contains flavanoids and antioxidants. Serotonin is    found in chocolate, which is an anti-depressant. The
   caffeine is not so great in large amounts, but
     it is a stimulant along with theobromine.
     Sometimes, a little "pick me up" is what
          you need to get through the day.

 So, now you know about the "Seven Bad Foods".
              Really, not so bad after all.






                    9 /15/10 

             NY Fashion Week

   Marc Jacobs and the Lexington
    Avenue fashion show sported
   some conservative looks for the
             2010 fall season.
  There was an abundance of cashmeres,
flannels and wools. A dose of metallics and
 sequins also accented the fall fashions.
         The hottest trends this fall are:

                 silk scarves
             gemstone jewelry
               bold cardigans
              classic leggings
   and......................velvet tuxedo jackets.

     Velvet and furs are back in style with

                  painted camel,

     which symbolizes the falling leaves.

         Shoes sported metal designs.

   For more details and information on the
                  new Fall fashions,



                        Ban on Fake "weed"

         Recently, the US government put a ban on
                          "Fake Marijuana".
      These substances contain chemicals than are  mixed with herbal blends to give a marijuana -like high
and are a legal alternative to pot. Plant material is coated with research chemicals to mimic THC. These
chemicals have not been approved for human consum-
ption. The "Fake Pot" had already been banned in 15 states. and now the Drug Enforcement Administration has taken care of the rest. Possession or sale of the
"fake pot " will be illegal for one year.The following
               chemicals have been banned:

                              CP47, 497

                  The "fake pot" includes:
                           RED X DAWN
        These products were sold and labeled
                             as incense.











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