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          One of the great things about life is that we all have different interests. At the same time , we have common interests that can bring us together as friends.  We can link , and things can bring us new topics to talk about and share with one another.  New business relationships can flourish ,as we enjoy our similarities and respect our differences..
          At  BOKOB , we understand and appreciate the diversity of our visitors. We encourage you to share your interests with us in our blogs, forum and CONTACT US page. If there are products that you are interested in purchasing, let us know. We will do our best to offer you reputable products and update our product line. Here are some links and things for your consideration.
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                                                What are your interests ?
        Each of the businesses posted has contacted us and asked us to be included
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                                  We graceously have returned the favor. 
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                           Outdoor living.....

             You can also find some "stress relievers".
    Scroll  down and listen to some great original rock music from the  JC Mugz.

.             a magazine.
 Stress can ruin your health.
   Reduce stress: Bringout the beauty.
   your reading material.
            Health  and Beauty experts from  Angie.                       
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                                                                                   ( But we like their style.)

                 No one can underestimate the importance of human relationships.
     So important, in fact, that the happiness or stress in ones' life can have a pro-
     found influence on their health. Love, the elixir of life, brings a healthy glow to 
     the cheeks of lovers as they contemplate their future together. It's the stuff that
                                                  DREAMS ARE MADE OF.    
                                        The happiness of seeing a newborn
                                                  WARMS OUR HEARTS. 
   Make friends, keep good friends and......                             

                                                         LOVE ALL.

             Human relationships with family and
      friends can have a positive impact on our lives.
       Sometimes, we just need to talk to someone.
         A phone call to your best friend, who lives
      on the West coast, can help you to remember
         the good times that you shared together.

                                          Prepaid calling cards....


                                                                                                               ........for less !!!

      Using prepaid calling cards is easy,
       once you know the
country codes.

           CALL SOMEONE TODAY.                                                              
There's a great , big world out there.



           Learn more about Health and Disease.

                  Home Decor ?.....

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                                                                            ( We love beautiful homes.) 

                                              WE RESPECT COPYRIGHTS.

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                                  HUMAN  RELATIONSHIPS AND HEALTH.

                   There have been some studies conducted that suggest that low quantity
     or low quality social realationships can affect our immune system. Social isolation increases the
risk of mortality. The mechanisms of how this change occurs have not been sudied to any extent.
             However, it is known that psychological factors can reduce our immunity. 
                        Stress has been shown to have an affect on the onset of:

                                                        the common cold
                                                        and even herpes.



                             Avoid stress, or at least manage your stress levels.

                               And don't forget to support your immune system.

                                     Learn more about Health and Disease.
               Antioxidants and other vitamins help support your immune system.
                            Do you need more information about antioxidants ?
                                                     Vitamin C-ontact us

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                   Lounge Chairs  ? .....       
                                                                                     ONE OF OUR FAVORITES.
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                                                                                           (We like to chill.)

             There are many relationships in life. The relationship between a healthy lifestyle and 
   longevity is one that concerns everyone. Living a sedentary lifestyle, by the pool. is very inviting
                  and part of that dream vacation in the Carribean or just in the comfort of your
                                          own back yard. Time to sit back and enjoy.

                                        MY KIND OF DAY.

             But, we all know that physical activity, exercise and a healthy diet are fundamental
                                                            to good health.

                                             More research needs to be done.

                               .                    Until then , think healthy.

              Physical activity increases our bone density and reduces the amount of 
              muscle we lose as we grow older. This also applys to the heart muscle. 



                                         STRESS RELIEVERS

                                Interested in hearing my own original music ?

                                    brown guitar, guitar stand,white background

                Listen to the JC Mugz on MP3.
       Research has shown that music has an effect on brainwaves.
     Faster beats tend to make a person more alert and conscious of his or her 

     Slower beats tend to make a person more relaxed and meditative.
      Music therapy is being used to 
              treat many disorders
               such as anxiety or

           is affiliated with Bringout Knockout-Beauty. 
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