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Product Review: Featured products designed to bringout the beauty from within.
Here is my latest “thumbs up” for knockout beauty results from health and beauty products in the market. There will be a five dollar ($5.00) rebate available on selected product reviews. You MUST SIGN IN to receive this rebate offer.  You can find each months' featured product at the Shopping Cart or designated page.                                                      
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Make a move in the right direction.
A beautiful body awaits you.
                                                                     What is holistic health ?

          Holistic health is a philosophy that considers all factors , internal amd external, physical and mental,
as equally important. It is a broad view of illness and disease and the treatment of the whole person. This philosophy emphasizes prevention, health maintainence and wellness. Longevity is the ultimate goal.
          As such, it is an alternative to drugs and dependence, side effects from those drugs, and hi tech intervention to treat various illnesses.

                                                                                     References :
                                                                            HEALTH AND BEAUTY

          If you are interested in health and beauty information, then check out SHOPWIKI. SHOPWIKI has a great Health and Beauty resource page. You can find info on industry news, cruelty free products (no animal testing). cosmetics, fragrances, ingredients FAQ's and more !! There is even a list of blogs that you can post to. Speaking of blogs, have you seen my KNOCKOUT BLOG or BE HEALTHY AND BEAUTIFUL BLOG ( BLOG )? The buttons to the left can lead you there.

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          My Pick of the Month:

                     June  2010

    Once again Avon ANEW gets

                       the nod !!!!

      Okay, are you interested in looking younger ? Then, you need to visit my Avon webpage for some great news. Anew products can improve the texture and appearance of your skin in just days. ....dramatic results in just a few weeks.  Anew Ultimate Age Repair Cream with  SPF25 can restore natural cushion in just 3 days. In 4 weeks, 74% of women show a reduction in age spots and wrinkles. Visit the online brochure and learn more.

    Look Younger.........Feel great !!

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