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          The immune system is a collection of biological proccesses that helps an organism  combat pathogens. The immune system itself must distinguish between the body's healthy cells and an invading organism. This will aid in maintaining health and surpressing the invasion.  Even one celled organisms can produce enzymes to combat  viral infections, for example.  Once an immune response is initiated, the adaptive  process creates a biological memory. Adaptive immunity will then provide a response to a secondary encounter.   A large multi-celled organism, like the human body, can then utilize white  blood cells and antibodies (immunoglobins)  to attack the pathogen.
          If the immune system is less than normal, an immunodeficiency  disease may result such as in the case of AIDS. AIDS is caused by the retrovirus, HIV. 
          The defense of the immune system is a layered defense. The simplest defense prevents pathogens from entering the organism. A secondary response is initiated if the  initial barrier is breached. This response is not specific. If the invasion continues, a specific response is initiated .  The memory of the specific response is the basis of the biological aquired immunity. The innate , non-specfic response will create tissue inflammation and redness since blood flow is increased to the area. 
          Leucocytes, white blood cells, can attack and engulf bacteria and viruses or attack the surface of larger pathogens.   Lymphocytes are special leucocytes that are part of the adaptive immune system. They fight the battle and reduce stress at the cellular level.  These cells contain receptors that recognize pathogens. B and T cells are the major types of lymphocytes.
          Disorders of the human immune system include immunodeficiencies, autoimmunity, and hypersensitivity. Immunosuppressive drugs can suppress the immune system from overreacting, thus reducing cell damage from an otherwise healthy response. 

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