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                                                        DERMA doctor offers a wide variety of dermatologist
                                                                        tested products for skin disorders.

                                                                                     What is melasma ?
                          Melasma is a skin condition presenting brown patches. It occurs mostly in women.
                    Darker skin races are more likely to get melasma. Unfortunately, the cause is not known.
                     Many times there is a family history of melasma that occurs generation after generation.

                                                               DERMA doctor has melasma products.

                                         DID YOU KNOW THAT THEE ARE ABOUT 110 SKIN DISEASES ?
                               DERMA doctor products can help control or cure many of these afflictions.

       Dermatosis is a generic term for diseases of the skin.
                                        Healthy skin may be the outward manifestation of a healthy body.

                                                                                    Health and beauty : 

                                                                          Healthy within...beautiful skin.                                                                

                      Dr. Audrey Kunin selects products for their effectiveness. 

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                     Lips are the most sensitive part of the body. As such, they need 
          constant moisturizing. Harsh weather can damaged lips , as well as using
          flavoured toothpaste. So, here are a few tips for keeping your lips healthy
                                                              and beautiful. 

                                               Eat plenty of green vegetables.
                                         Take vitamins, especially A, B, and C. 
                                                      Drink plenty of water.
                                                          Gorge on fruits.         

          Use a good lip balm. A saline bath for your lips is also very helpful. And,
                                                    try applying cucumber 
                                                         for moisturizing.      

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                   A healthy diet and exercise are essential components 
                                            of a healthy lifestyle.
                                      GIVE UP THE SEDENTARY 
                                  SPORTS ARE GOOD FOR YOU.
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                                                                                                     Paragon Sports.

                               WE RESPECT COPYRIGHTS.

            Exercise can play an imporant role in both men's and women's health.
                               There are over 60 good reasons to exercise regularly.

                                      Here are 9 good reasons to start exercising.

                                                      increased energy
                                                      improved self esteem
                                                      increased mental focus
                                                      decrease in risk of heart attack
                                                      decreased risk of osteoporosis
                                                      decreased risk of breast cancer
                                                      strength and stamina
                                                      reduced depression
                                                      lowered stress levels

                    It has been shown that fat increases the production of estrogen in women.                   

                       TO BREAST CANCER.


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             Fragrances have been used for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians used perfumed balms at religious ceremonies and during pre-love making rituals. Perfume is the most expensive of fragrances. It is made of 78-95 % specially denatured ethly alcohol and the remainder is essential oils. Eau du Parfum is the next most expensive, and it contains 15-22% essential oils. Eau du Cologne is the least expensive, and faintest smelling. It contains only 4% essential oils.  Using a very strong smelling or weak fragrance is a personal choice. What's your choice ?


                   Professional beauty supplies for the beautiful you. 

                                               Is Red Bull Good  
                                                     for You ?                                    

                          Red bull has been banned in three countries:

                                            and........ Norway.

             The energy drink contains caffeine , vitamins and sugar. Its' purpose is to kickstart
           metabolism. It also contains taurine-an amino acid, and glucuronolactone- a carbohydrate.
         In 2000, a Limerick, Ireland sudent died after sharing 4 cans of Red Bull before a basketball   
            game. The cause of death was listed as acute sudden adult
                                                 death syndrome.
             Although banned in three countries, there is no conclusive 
                    evidence that the death was caused by ingesting
                                                      Red Bull.

                                         Why try FRS ?

                 FRS energy drink contains quercetin. Quercetin is a plant derived flavonoid.
             Although it exbibits antioxidant properties, there is no clinical evidence that quercetin
          can prevent or cure cancer. High dietary intake of fruits and vegetables has been shown to 
       reduce the occurance of cancer, and quercetin may be responsible, since it is found in many
       natural foods. Among the more prominent foods containing quercetin, we find :
                                                  red onions 
                                                  red grapes
                                                  citrus fruit
                                           leafy green veggies

                     and............              honey.  

                    Honey made from eucalyptus or tea tree flowers 
                                                is very rich in 

                      ORGANIC TOMATOES HAVE 79% MORE
                   There is some evidence that quercetin has anti-inflammatory properties,
                          it can help to reduce blood pressure, and as mentioned earlier,
                                                        it is definitely a strong   
Unfortunately, it may interact with some antibiotics.
                     Consult a physician before taking products
                                  containing quercetin, if you or
                                          someone you know is taking
contains quercetin and vitamins.
                       Feel energetic without
                                         feeling shaky.  




                                         What is Graviola ?

          Graviola is also known as soursoup, guanabana or Paw Paw. It is grown in the tropical areas of both North and South Americas. It is an evergreen that is mostly harvested in Brazil. Ths plant has been used by native cultures for centuries because of its' medicinal properties. The heart shaped fruit along with the leaves and stems are used to make herbal remedies. Graviola is known to have these effects: 

                                                         anti insecticidal
                                                      lowers blood pressure
                                        and....  supports emotional health.

                                 MAXIMIZE offers an excellent and affordable graviola product.
      ( Persons with hypotension should not take graviola, since it is known to lower blood pressure.)

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                                                         (When in doubt, always consult your physician.)

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