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BECOME A MEMBER !! As a Mem Insider, you will have access to informative reading and more.
                   Ok, I know that you've heard about Membership Sites.

            And, you've probably shook your head and

                             asked yourself.....



                    "WHAT"S IN IT FOR ME ?"
        This is not a membership site.
             BECOME AN INSIDER.
  You know, many membership sites charge a lot to become a member.
Others grant limited access to information, resources and complimentary products until you pay even more.
              At BOKOB, we have a different approach to the problem. 

                             TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY !!
                          In our opinion, you have found the best online club.
            Introduce yourself to............................

Unlike membership sites, we don't ask for an arm and a leg ! Not even your first born .  Actually we are a member club. All we ask is to consider the value. As a member, we can help you with everyday issues.......not just health and beauty. Visit our Shopping Cart to become an Insider.
       Why should I consider becoming
                      a member ?

           It's a no brainer. Membership sites can become expensive , as we have mentioned. Time is money and your time is important to you. If you were to research a topic, you would quickly see that your time is slipping away while you gather information.
       What if someone could do the work for you ?
      What if you belonged to a club that supplied
                  you with informative content ?
      Supply you with a report with references and resources to further your research at an affordable price ?  And then, throw in complimentary ebooks and newsletters. Give you access to samples from BOKOB affiliates and allow you to upload photos and personal or business information to our Mem Insider page, free of charge !! You can also post to our LINKS AND THINGS page as a business owner or
            on our FRIENDS OF BEAUTY page.              
                        FREE ADVERTISING!!
                              ( subect to review)
    And, you can choose ANY TOPIC for your reports.
                Not just health or beauty topics.
                       SOUNDS GOOD !!

          Consider this: Ebooks can cost as much as $40 and samples can incur shipping charges. Researching a topic can be costly. If it takes you 1 hour to research a topic, then it might be costing you as much as $15 !! ( what is your hour worth to you ).
 Is it worth $2.50 ?  
           As a Mem Insider , you will have access to information unavailable to non-members. Over 90 health ebooks to choose from. Samples from BOKOB affiliates, and periodic newsletters that will keep you up with the trades and trends in health and beauty. 
        You can get 4 reports per year.
                   1 every quarter.
     You can get 2 ebooks per month.
      No charge shipping for samples,
   except out of the continental USA.

  Visit the BOKOB Mem Insider page for details on samples and ebooks.        
                              SOUNDS BETTER ?
  If all this sounds good to you, then
                       why wait !!

ONLY $10.00 /year.
             Less than $.o3 a day !!
or get on the fast track with any $40
             purchase. Instant free
                   TO THE CLUB.

     Any visitor to our store can see the
     complimentary products available
             to club members on the
      BOKOB MEM INSIDER 1 page. 

           Purchase can be made from affiliates or SHOPPING CART.
   Offers cannot be combined. Shipping charges for samples do not apply




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Did you know............

              Diabetes is a disease.
    It is a disease of the body whereby insulin is either not produced or used improperly.
  Insulin  is produced by the pancreas.  It is a hormone that is necessary for the conversion of 
  sugars, starches,  and other foods into energy.  To this day, the cause of diabetes remains a 
  mystery. However, genetic and environmental factors do play a role. For example, obesity
                      and lack of exercise can contribute to the onset of diabetes.

       Samples are subject to availability. Not all affiliates provide samples.
Samples will ship when in stock. Shipping charges for samples shipped outside of continental USA. If BOKOB needs to restock samples, they will ship within 10 to 14 days after request.  Member must have valid email to deliver ebooks and newsletters.  Access to website information not available to non-members is privledged and is considered a right of any Mem Insider. This information should not be readily distributed. Please respect others and their copyrights. Any photos or information submitted to BOKOB for publishing will be reviewed by BOKOB.
Some content may be refused at BOKOB's discretion.  Topics for reports will be reviewed by BOKOB.  Any sexual, pornographic, or otherwise controversial, degrading or defaming topics will be denied. This is not a complete list of reasons for rejection.  The report, resources and references will be delivered as an email with attachments.  Ebooks will also be delivered as attachments. Member ebooks are different than other offers contingent on purchase or free of charge. Member samples are different than offers contingent on purchase or free of charge. Newsletters are delivered on availablity. Newsletter content is about trade information in the health and beauty market when delivered to  Mem Insiders.   
   All other newsletters are product based information except for Inner Beauty 
                News which contains health and beauty trend  information.     
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