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DIET PLANS : A Comparison for Consumers.
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          The Atkins Diet is a low carb diet developed by Dr. Robert Atkins. It is derived from a diet the Doctor utilzed to resolve a personal weight problem. The original diet came from the Journal of the American Medical association. The original Atkins Diet was introduced in 1972, and Dr. Atkins has made revisions to the diet without losing the original concept.
          The Atkins diet departs from prevailing metabolic theories. Dr. Atkins believes that obesity is caused by eating refined sugars and that saturated fat is overrated in weight loss. He believes that trans-fats are more important in cardiovascular disease. The concept of the diet is that if sugar intake is reduced, the body will burn fat.
          Putting emphasis on fat intake, leads to neglecting carb intake.This results is fat never being metabolized. 
                                       There are four phases to the diet program:
                                                         ongoing weight loss
                 The basic principle involves the reduction of carbohydrate intake,. This results in ketosis.  The carbohydrate intake level is then increased until a "maintainable" level is found for 
                                                      lifetime weight control.

          The South Beach diet  was designed by Arthur Agatston, a cardiologist, and Marie Alman, a dietician. The theory behind the diet is that eating a low fat diet helps to reduce cholesterol and heart disease, but patients have a hard time sticking to the diet and actually consume excess sugar.
 The excess sugar intake triggers insulin production , which in turn lead to hunger pangs and more sugar consumption that leads to ........the cycle is clear.

          The diet is simple: replace bad carbs and bad fats with good carbs and good fats. Processed foods with high sugar levels are replaced with vegetables, beans and whole grains. Trans-fats are eliminated and unsaturated fats are encouraged along with omega 3 fatty acid. Lean meats, fish and nuts are consumed instead of fatty meat and saturated fats. The spikes of sugar are eliminated and the circulatory system is cleared of harmful fat residue.

          Weight Watcher's diet first appeared on the market in 1963. It was developed by Jean Nidetch. Members select a goal weight that results in a body weight index of 20-25. If a member selects a higher index number, then a doctors' note must be submitted. 
          To be a member, a person must be at least five pounds more than the minimum weight for
 a particular height. The basic guidelines include eating lean meats, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy and soy products while meeting target serving sizes. Multivitamins, exercising and limiting sugar and alcohol are also part of the diet plan.
          Filling foods , like whole grains, help to keep dieters satisfied. Foods have point values, and points per day are calculated or by using the Simply Filling method a member can stay satified by eating filling foods without calculation. By using the point system, foods are not forbidden.
          So, which diet plan is the best ? It depends on your own approach to dieting, and if you are willing to give up certain foods.  At least, there are choices to dieting available to any person 
                                                 serious about losing weight.      
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