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LIBIDO : Another name for sexual desire.
          What exactly is libido? You probably have heard the word used in discusiions about sex, and wondered about its' meaning. Simply put, libido is just  another word for sexual desire. Some of us have strong sexual urges. Others have diminished  desire, or maybe no desire at all.
          Freud popularized the word, libido, as an instinct energy or force which is contained in the id. According to Freud, the superego contains the conventions of civilized society. Conforming to society and controlling the libido creates tension in the individual. This tension prompts ego defenses. Excessive ego defenses result in neurosis.
          Reduction of sexual desire (libido) can result from a number of different factors. Consider the following list :                                                    
                                                                             childhood sexual abuse
                                                                             performance anxiety
                                                                             lack of interest
                                                                             body image issues

          Physical factors can also effect the libido. Sexual desire can be diminished by endocrine gland problems, low testosterone levels (men and women ) and prescription drugs. Testosterone plays an important role in sexual desire and behaviour.
          Being overweight, underweight or malnourished can also lead to lack of libido. However, many women experience increased libido just prior to their menstrual cycle. Today, many products are available to increase libibo and  help individual regain their desire.


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