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ORGANIC SKIN CARE: Organics promote skin health with natural ingredients.

                  Lavera offers all natural products for organic skin care results.
                        Let Lavera help to bringout your inner beauty.
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          If you are interested in organic skincare , then look no further. Lavera  has a wide varity of organic cosmetics formulated with your beauty in mind. Skincare is a serious business. The products available from Lavera can help to improve your skin,  starting deep within skin layers.

         Lavera products include:

              Hair products                                                    
              Faces skin care                                       
              Skin care for men                               
              Babies and children                                         Some of their best sellers are :
              Anti-aging formulations
              Body and bath                                                                 Mango Milk Conditioner
                                                                                                         Sunless Tanning Lotion            
                                                                                           AND ....  Lavere Lifting Serum
              Lavere serum provides vitamins and plant extracts. The benefits of cosmetics containing vitamins is well cocumented. Vitamins such as C, E, A, and D are all beneficial for the skin. Refer to the product ingredients for specifics.  Levere serum also contains bamboo and green tea extracts.  Why green tea ? Green tea contains catechins which help to prevent skin cancer.  Green tea extract provides nutrients  to the deep layers of the skin and helps the skin function to repair damage from sunlight. Ultra violet rays can damaged the skin.  Why bamboo leaf extract ? Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth, and contains flavonoids, lactones, and phenolic acids. These organics help in anti-oxidation and anti-inflammation of the skin. Bamboo also contains anti-bacterial agents that continue to be functional even after the bamboo is harvested.   The combined effect results in anti-aging and hydration of the skin.  Organic skin care  formulated to bringout your inner beauty. 

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