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          Absorbine Jr. is an ultra strength pain reliever. It can be used for quick pain relief from:                                            arthritis
                                                           and bruises.
                Just apply the flexible pad that adheres and removes easily.The pad can be cut to size if desired. The topical  analgesic is Menthol 6.5 %.Also contains alcohol and camphor among other ingredients.
                                    Relief for up to 8 hours.  1 - 5 1/2 X 4 in.                                
                        Yours for only $3.25.



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                                      package,man,absorbine jr., patch, red and aqua design, ultra strength, pain relieving
                     Similar Pregnancy Tests Cost
                              as much as $8.99

                The New Choice Pregnancy Test is
                            over 99% accurate. 

                       You get results in 1  to  3

                           Yours for only $3.25.
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                                      new choice, pregnancy test, box, violet design

          Omega 3 Fish oil is good for your heart. It also reduces chol - esterol. This People's Choice product contains 1000mg per soft gel. 
                        No sugar, wheat or milk derivatives added.
                        20 Softgels per Bottle.
             300 mg Omega 3 fatty acids per softgel.
                          1000 mg Fish oil.

           Similar products sell for as much as $.25
                                per softgel.
                  That's an immediate savings of
                                  $1.75 !!
                   Yours for only $ 3.25             
                                                              omega 3 , fish oil, bottle, fish, peoples choice, blue and aqua design, blue and white background

              Aquafina Advanced Hydration contains
                              Hyaluronic acid.
          Hyaluronic acid can improve the texture
                     and appearance of the skin.

          The patented QuSomes delivery system allows all the
nutrients to enter deep skin layers. So, nutrients are not left on the skin
surface, where they can be washed away. The result is noticable better skin
                          This product contains grape seed extract.

                          Yours for only $3.25.

                               Net Wt. .5OZ 


                                        aquafina,advanced hydration,Qusomes, wrinkle reducer, blue box, white jar, blue and white background

          Aquafina Intensive under Eye Cream with
                   Qusomes, improves circulation
                      and water retention under
                                  the eyes
          This product contains cucumber, white tea
                              and vitamin E.

                        Yours for only $3.25.
                              Net Wt. .5 OZ
                                        aquafina, advanced  hydration, box, bottle, red and blue design, white and blue background, NEW

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          Color Easy gives you 100% gray coverage
                     even on the most resistant
                      Permanent Cream Hair color available in Black
                                  or medium Auburn.          
               Similar products sell for as much 
                                as $8.99.
               That's an immediate savings of 
                                   $5.74 !!
                        Yours for only $3.25
                      (Shipping not included.)
                                        woman, black hair, smile, color easy, box, brown and tan design, blue and white background
          People's Choice CoQ10 is good for your heart.
                      No wheat, sugar, sodium or
                                 yeast added.
                       20 softgels per bottle.
                    10 mg per softgel.

          Similiar products sell for as much as $.60 per softgel. That's $12.00 per bottle !!

                                  That's an immediate savings of  $8.75 !! Wow !

                                             Yours for only $ 3.25.

                                       CoQ10, white bottle, red heart, 33% more,peoples choice, white and blue background

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